Members can sign-up for any class here.

If you are not a member  please click here to find out how you can book an Intro Session. 

All classes are reserved for members who have completed our Orientation Process.

Open Time is only available to members of our Competitive CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting Teams and anyone who is following a personalized program.


If you are a CrossFitter from out of town and want to drop-in:

The CrossFit community is a wonderful network of athletes, coaches and passionate people who love to workout and visit gyms in different cites.  We love to host guests from other official CrossFit Affiliated Gyms.

We typically don’t charge our Guests for a single Drop-In session; Folks usually purchase T-shirts or Hoodies as souvenirs and that is more than cool enough with us.   However, if you are planning to attend multiple sessions you can purchase single drop-in sessions or a package of sessions.

Drop-In Travellers can have access to any of our scheduled CrossFit, Gymnastic, Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility or Running Classes.  We do not provide OPEN GYM access, however.  If you have special considerations, you can email us in advance so we can consider them.

Please make sure you have completed the following checklist before dropping-in:

– Do you belong to a CrossFit Affiliate?

– Have you been CrossFitting under the direction of a Certified CrossFit Coach for more than 3 months?

– If the answer to the above questions is YES, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance by using the “Contact Academy” form to the top right of the page.



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